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What Insurance Do We Accept?

Here at Top Care Medical Group, we strive to provide our patients with the best care in a safe, comfortable, friendly atmosphere. Our surgeons, in particular, are delicated to giving each patient the professional surgical expertise and care they deserve. We accept all types of insurance, including PPO plans, HMOs, Premier Care, PMG, and SCFHP, as well as State and Federal Health Coverage Plans, including Medicare and Medi-Cal. Our office is here to help you with any questions regarding insurance matters. You are always notified before your surgery about whether your insurance coverage requires a deductible, co-pay, or patient’s portion, or whether it provides full coverage for the specific procedure you need. Regrettably, we cannot inform you of any facility fees or any additional fees that you may incur at the hospital, including fees related to anesthesiology, pathology (should a biopsy be taken), etc. We encourage you to discuss these matters directly with your insurance provider or with the facility where surgery will be performed. Also, if you do not have insurance, we will gladly accept cash or checks.

(HMO) Health Maintenance Organization: A health care payment and delivery system involving networks of doctors and healthcare institutions. HMOs offer consumers a comprehensive range of benefits at one annual fee (often with co- payments or deductibles that vary from service to service), however, patients can only see providers from within the network. Physicians and other health professionals often are on salary or they contract with the HMO to provide services. Patients are assigned to a primary care doctor or nurse as a “gatekeeper” who decides what health services are needed and when. For now, for HMO members, we are only contracted with PHYSICIANS MEDICAL GROUP of SAN JOSE.

(PPO) Preferred Provider Organization: A network of medical care providers that provides various medical care services for specified fees to the covered employees and retirees of private companies or to individuals who carry their own insurance. Although fees charged by PPO providers are usually less than those charged by non-PPO providers, patients may seek treatment from any provider. We contract with most PPO plans.

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