While adults tend to schedule doctor appointments only when they’re not feeling well, children need to see their pediatrician regularly throughout their development. Your pediatrician at Top Care Medical Group provides guidance about your child’s development, immunizations, and answers your questions about your children’s health.

Babies should visit the doctor at two weeks and two months after delivery and again at four months, six months, and nine months of age. From the time your child turns 1 through their 5th birthday, they should have well-child visits at the following intervals:

12 months
15 months
18 months
2 years
2½ years
3 years
4 years
5 years

Children undergo many changes from birth through early adulthood. Top Care Medical group specializes in pediatrics and offers comprehensive medical care for children from infancy up to age 18. Their services include well-child exams, sport physical, sport injury, and mental health screenings. We have well trained pediatricians and family medicine physicians that will help your child. To schedule an appointment with the practice that will never turn you or your child away, call one of our Top Care Medical Group offices for an immediate appointment.